Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

Now, an effective fundraiser can also be easy at the same time. We want to help you provide piece of mind to your community while achieving fundraising goals. All you need to do is:

Register — plan your launch date and register

Promote — using our free print & online templates

Earn — track your progress and receive partial profits from each kit sold

Fundraising You Feel Good About

We all have enough stuff. By participating in this meaningful fundraising opportunity, you are playing a role in keeping your community safe & prepared.

To register, complete the inquiry form below and we will get you started on your customized fundraising plan.  When you launch your campaign, we provide you with a unique promotional code and print material & social media templates to distribute to your community.  When someone purchases a kit, they do so on our website, use your promotional code to receive a discount on their purchase, and we fill the order and ship directly to the buyer.  Your organization will not be required to do any sorting, packing or shipping.  Plus, there’s no fundraising forms to distribute, collect or process and no money to count from multiple students.   You can track your progress online and watch as partial proceeds from each kit sold goes towards your school.

As mentioned, when an order is placed using your promo code, they buyer receives a discount on their purchase and, a percentage goes to your fundraising campaign.  This amount varies (depending on which campaign structure you choose) and can be as high as $25 per kit!!  For example, if your organization sells 200 kits, up to $5,000 goes towards your goal – the sky is the limit.

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No cost to you to join or administer

No fundraising form to distribute, collect, process

Exclusive online purchasing and direct shipping

Online progress tracking

One cheque to deposit at the end of your campaign

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